Welcome to Volboot.com.

Thanks to all who have been coming here the last few years.  At this point I have decided to stop collecting alltogether, and I will be selling off the majority of my official items from my personal collection. Times change, and I'd just rather do other things with my funds these days. 

Sales have now started on eBay!!

I am not going to list everything together, and I am not hoping to sell it all in one auction. So items will be listed in no real order, I'll probably just choose at random. I'll also only run one or two auctions at one time. Once those auctions close, I'll do one or two more. This will keep it manageable on my end and hopefully help buyers not have to come up money for 10 auctions at one time. 

My username on eBay is "therefined1" , so you can save me as a seller ahead of time, and you should be notified of my listings. I have been on eBay since 2004, and have 100% feedback over 14 years with that account. You guys probably also know my from Discogs as "volbootdotcom" where I'm also 100% rated. Right now I don't intend to sell on Discogs, because of their fee structure, and the fact that a good deal of my collection does not exist there. 

If you want to ask a question about any certain item, please use the contact page. 

Thanks, Chris